Functions & Features:

EasyAngle allows healthcare professionals to quantify their patient’s status and prescribe the best rehabilitation treatment in a professional manner

EasyAngle is modern, innovative instrument that measures the mobility of all relevant joints in the body. EasyAngle replaces the three traditional instruments – the goniometer, inclinometer and CROM-device.

Today, documenting the progress of rehab treatments and monitoring patient status is becoming increasingly important. By providing the ability to make precise (±1°) measurements of joint mobility, EasyAngle enables measurement results to be stored and display them on the screen, providing healthcare professionals the ability to provide better patient feedback and motivate patients to follow established rehabilitation programmes.




  • Motivates the patient – measure status and progress in small steps due to the device’s high accuracy. Measured angles can easily be communicated and used to motivate clients to follow established rehabilitation programs
  • Efficient – measurement can be done quick and easy with one hand, making it possible to support the patient with the other hand
  • All-in-one – can be used for measurement of all joints, replacing other traditional devices
  • Accurate – high precision sensor and studies show high reliability and validity
  • Easy to use – measurement is done with three quick clicks and only one alignment needs to be done at a time. EasyAngle does not have to be placed in the centre of rotation enabling use of other anatomical landmarks
  • User friendly – ergonomic design and a clear display where the last five measurements are saved

EasyAngle is designed and made in Sweden

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