15″ TFT detachable touch screen with navigation knob provides simple intuitive interface Combines Invasive & Non-invasive

Provides proper mechanical ventilation support with lung pro-tective ventilation strategies
ATC reduces the résistance caused by either endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube, lowers patient work of breathing (WOB)

Very precise NIV Modes which decrease the chances of intubation and minimize the hospi-talization duration

• Cost effective
Durable integrated metal exhalation valve can be easily detached, autoclavable, which fulfill the needs of low maintenance cost
• Advanced pneumatic System
Unique pneumatic System ensures the accuracy of gas delivery

■ Supports external communication
■The serial RS-232 interface provides connection to hospital monitoring and Patient Data Management System
■ Software can be updated through Internet or USB

■Lung mechanics
Static compliance, airway resistance, PEEPi and P0.1, helps to make treatment evaluation
■Thoughtful configuration solution
Can be equipped on mobile cart or ceiling pendant with or without air compressor


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