The tool has a Double Beveled (40° and 60°) edge with and multiple shapes to enable easy use for most areas of treatment. Dimensions: 19 cm length, 12 cm wide, 3mm thick, 180g.



Prime Physioblade – FAQ

  1. Why Does The Tool Feel Sharp?

The tool has a double beveled edge. One side of the tool as an angle of 40° and the other has an angle of 60°. This allows the practitioner to target superficial and deep tissues using the different edges. When felt in the practitioner’s hands, the edges may feel sharp, but when the tool is used the edges feel smooth and comfortable to the patient.

  1. Is it easy to clean?

Yes! – Made out of 100% Stainless Steel which makes it resilient and easy to clean as well as being hygienic to use with any number of patients.

  1. A Handy pouch is supplied that both protects the tool and can be attached to a belt to make sure it is always on hand when treating patients.

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