Functions & Features:

  • Increase Balance, Proprioception, Coordination, Core Stability.
  • Great for Knee, Ankle and Hip Stability
  • Great for all kinds of rehab & exercises
  • 2 degrees of difficulty


The 40cm Plastic Wobble Board allows for progression through the early to intermediate stages of rehabilitation using balance exercises.
When to use it:
Rebuild your sense of balance after injury, to prevent further injury and accelerate your return to sport. The Adjustable Balance Wobble Board 40cm can also be used to strengthen the core muscles and is suitable for use during general exercise.

How it Works:
Use during the early to intermediate stages of rehabilitation following surgery or serious injury to improve balance and stability. Without balance training ankles which suffer sprains, weaken significantly, leading to sprains reoccurring. The ability to extend the height of the board enables the user to gradually increase the ‘wobble’ of the board, building confidence and the ability to take on more challenging exercises.

SKU: AC0220

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