Functions & Features:

The Sensbalance Therapy Cushion is a conventional air-filled cushion with an integrated electronic sensor circuitry board, which connects to your own laptop or computer either via an USB cable or a optional Wireless connection. On the computer monitor direct visual feedback is provided about the exercises performed by pelvis and lower back. In this way users can easily correct and improve their exercising on the spot and see direct results on the screen.

Exercising becomes much more effective and entertaining. Games will help to challenge the user even more. Fully functional Basic Sensbalance Softwareis included, which consists of basic measurement & recording biofeedback software and 18 therapy- exercise games.



Standard Features of the Therapy Cushion

  • Therapy Cushion (34cm Diameter)
  • Exercise Sheets
  • Standard USB connection cable
  • Including basic exercise software with measuring & archiving functions, for diagnosis and comparison purposes, to show improvements over time.
  • Balance game with 18 Training exercises and 10 Easy levels.
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