Functions & Features:

PAB® stands for Pressure Air Biofeedback and uses air, to measure muscle performance in a simple and scientific way. PAB® is a portable, inexpensive device, used for clinical and high-performance testing including biofeedback while exercising. PAB® measures strength as well as various other physical parameters in a valid and reliable way.

Colour: Charcoal

In 2011, PAB® partnered with TOGU®, a leading German international manufacturer. The result is a multiple muscle performance testing device that is revolutionizing muscle performance testing and training. PAB® is a South African invention that has been internationally patented and trademarked.



  • PAB® measures in micro second intervals
  • PAB® measures muscle performance in terms of maximum strength, average strength, relative strength, total work strength, pressure deficits when balancing or doing functional exercises, slump and neutral spine posture alignment, etc
  • PAB® measures muscle strength imbalances between sides and strength ratios between muscle groups
  • PAB® results can be saved for comparison to previous and future tests/exercise sessions, to determine the progress of the test subject
  • PAB® strength results are all calculated in kg/force
  • PAB® measures in micro second intervals or 100 recordings per second, and is therefore highly sensitive in its measurements
  • PAB® is an easy to use tool for “strong man and old lady testing”
  • PAB® measures the strength and performance of multiple muscles of the body, e.g. leg, hip, chest, shoulder, neck, arm, hand, finger, posture, etc.

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