Functions & Features

The THERA-Trainer veho specializes in therapy for arms, shoulders, and backs. It is important for facilities to include special movement exercisers for the upper body alongside leg exercisers.

Specialized in Pure Upper Body Training

  • Control and display unit with 10.4″ colour screen incl. touch function and an associated software package for individual therapy
  • Upper body exerciser with long cranks
  • Therapy grips, wristbands for therapy grips / safety handle, and arm supports for therapy grips
  • Device base with transport casters


Control and Display Unit: Size Makes the Difference

Following the principle “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” we’ve kept the popular START/STOP traffic light control from the previous model. So, using the device is as easy as it gets. Controlling it is very simple using large-surface membrane keys or touchscreen keys. Important training parameters such as speed of rotation, etc., can be adjusted for the patient at any time without changing screens.

Biofeedback: Fun and Success Guaranteed
The trick is to package effective therapeutic exercise as »fun and games« to encourage goal-oriented exercise and keep the patients highly motivated. This will make them focus on their exercise and keep exercising until their goal is reached. After the exercising session, the patient gets a clear performance evaluation – the best motivation for the next session.


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