Functions & Features

The Thera Trainer Tigo 530 allows leg and upper body exercises on the same device. The 2.7” colour screen provides different biofeedback illustration and all adjustment options you need for effective exercise.

The optimum combination trainer for leg and upper body training

  • Control and display unit with 2.7″ colour screen
  • Upper body trainer with long crank handles
  • Therapy grips
  • Grip adapter
  • Foot rests with 2-level radius adjustment
  • Calf rest with pads and hook-and-loop straps
  • Stand with transport casters

What are the benefits of regular THERA-Trainers exercise?

  • Improve circulation
  • Sustain muscle power
  • Improve flexibility
  • Stimulate metabolic process
  • Improve bladder and bowel function
  • Increase stamina levels
  • Decrease fluid retention


Description Dimensions/Info
Equipment variant THERA-Trainer tigo 530
Screen size 2,7″ (= 51 x 40 mm)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 90 x 64 x 118 cm
Weight 41 kg
Motor drive 240 watt electric motor (leg exerciser)
100 watt electric motor (upper body trainer)

Control and display unit: features a 2.7″ colour screen (51 × 40 mm) with clearly readable exercise data. Beside the START/STOP traffic light control, the ergonomic remote control allows controlling all necessary settings.

SKU: TT530

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