Functions & Features

When it is about variability the THERA-Trainer balo is second to none. Feet, legs and pelvis can be secured together and individually in nearly every position
– for every therapy goal and every patient. The THERA-Trainer balo is perfect for high-level dependency patients (even patients in vegetative state).

  • Electric Lift:
    The THERA-Trainer balo can be equipped with an electric lift so that even patients with high level dependency can use it every day. A patient belt is put around the pelvis of the patient
  • sitting in the wheelchair and fixed to the belt of the electric lift. Now you can use the remote control to start the motor and gently pull the patient into an upright position, that is into the THERA-Trainer balo.


The top-quality standing and balance trainer for high-level dependency patients

  • Control and display unit with 10.4″ colour screen incl. touch function and an associated software package for individual therapy
  • Table holder for control and display unit
  • Table unit with stomach cushion
  • Handrails
  • Knee and pelvic support
  • Balance unit
  • Quick securing system for heels
SKU: BT518

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