CMS4100 Dynamic EEG System consists of record box and analysis software. The record box has easy and simple operation interface. It achieves sync sampling for 16 channels of EEG waveform on SD card and continuously recording up to 24 hours. Stored EEG waveform can be replayed. The interface of analysis software is clear and convenient for operation, through which EEG waveform stored in record box can be replayed and analyzed.




  1. Adopt SMD technology, integrate sampling magnification, filter and A/D transformation of EEG signal into one product, good anti-interference ability
  2. 24-hour carrying record, and user can perform normal activities, which is convenient for monitoring, capturing the concealed and moment EEG pathological waveform.
  3. Bluetooth sync sampling, real-time data uploading and waveform monitoring, routine EEG sampling function (optional).
  4. Waveform playback function, amplitude and playback speed are adjustable, leads combination can be set freely (such as monopolar, bipolar or user-defined).
  5. Function of case contrasting, simultaneously view and contrast the waveforms of two different cases or the same waveform in different time.
  6. System parameters can be set as required, which meets different user’s requirements.
  7. EEG signal clipping function, analyze and store any section of EEG wave, and select several waveform segments for automatically analyzing and distilling to different parameters.
  8. Select any one or several periods of time for power spectrum analysis, provide Compressed Spectral Array attached with analysis charts, including such as BEAM, three-dimensional activity mapping and so on.
  9. Spike-sharp wave auto-analysis system provides data statistics for spike wave, sharp wave, slow-wave, spike-sharp wave and spike-slow wave, etc., and trend chart for full pathologic wave. Click trend chart to synchronously browse EEG.
  10. Perfect case management function, provides many means for search and quick statistic information; convenient case export and import function, which is easy to store or communicate.
  11. Case files can be transformed into standard data format (EDF) in Europe, convenient for data exchange, academic exchange and further analysis.
  12. Multifunctional digital filter system provides different filter methods and window types, user can freely set low-pass, high-pass, band pass and band stop filter.
  13. Conveniently measure basic information of any EEG waveform designated; with partial enlarging window, EEG period, amplitude and frequency can be measured accurately, and adjusted according to personnel judgment.
  14. Add marks and annotations to the waveform of designated time,  waveform in that time will be found quickly by marks.
  15. Integrative image and character report, report mode can be edited, and several report templates are provided.
  16. USB interface ensures fast and stable transmission speed.



Channel: 16 channels of EEG Holter
Calibrating voltage: sine signal 50µV/5mm; frequency:10Hz; error: ≤±5%
Input impedance: ≥10MΩ
Sampling Rate: max. 250 dots/second/channel
A/D transformation: max. 24 bits
Common mode rejection ratio(CMRR): ≥90dB
Working voltage: DC 3.7V~4.2V
50Hz interference suppression: ≥30dB
Patient leak current: <10µA
Noise level: ≤5µVp-p
Display speed (paper speed): 5, 10, 15, 30, 60mm/s
Amplitude: 1, 2, 5, 10, 12, 15, 20mm/50µV
Playback speed: 1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 40, 60 times


HOLTER record box 1pc
User Manual 1pc
Data line 1pc
CD 1pc
Lead cables (with disk electrodes) 20pcs
Conductive paste 1pc
T-Flash Card 1pc
Leather sheath 1pc
Lithium battery 2pcs
Lithium battery charger 1pc

Bluetooth sync sampling module

Physical Characteristic

Dimension: 127(L) ×80.5(W) ×35.6(H) mm
Weight: about 300g (with one battery)


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