• Efficient and effective e~cube Biphasic technology (BTE Type)
  • Manual and AED operation
  • Defibrillation using paddles, pads or internal paddles
Reference Printer ECG Cable SpO2 Pacer NIBP
 207-HD1-SP Yes 3 leads
 207-HD1-VH1 Yes 3 leads Yes Yes
 207-HD1-VH2 Yes 12 leads Yes Yes
 207-HD1-VH3 Yes 12 leads Yes Yes Yes
  • Noninvasive pacing mode







318mm(W) x 208mm (D) x 355mm (H)


LCD Dimensions: 7 inch Diagonal (152mm * 91mm): 7 inch Diagonal (152mm * 91mm)

TFT Colour,   Resolution:   800 * 480 pixels




AED Mode:






Manual Mode:

Waveform:  Biphasic Truncated Exponential (e~cube)

Charge Time:  AC Power:  Less than 5 seconds to 200 Joules

Battery:  Less than 7 seconds to 200 Joules

Output Energy:  200J

Shock Delivery:  Via multifunction defib electrode pads

AED Develp Guideline:  Shock advisory sensitivity and Specificity meet AAMI DF-80 guidelines

Voice & Text Prompts:  Guide the user through the protocol Via Muftifunction defib electrode pads.

Out Put Energy: 1~10J,15J, 20J, 30J, 50J, 70J, 100J, 120J, 150J, 170J, 200J

Shock Delivery:  External paddle (with Pediatric), Internal paddle

Synchronous Cardioversion


Continuous ECG Strip:  Real-Time (8 seconds delay)

Auto Printing:  Recorder can be configured to print marked event, charge, shock and alarms,    Printing Speed:  25mm/s

                Paper:  50mm Width / 40 Diameters

Automatic Self-Test:

Power on Self-Test

Run Time Self-Test

Manual Self-Test

Periodic Self-Test (Daily / Weekly / Monthly)

Power Source:

External Battery Pack:  Lithium Polymer

Type:  14.8V 3.1Ah (Rechargeable)

Capacity:  When new, minimum of 100 shock deliveries (200J)

AC Power Module

Output:  18V, 5A

ECG Monitoring







Heart Rate Display:

ECG Size:

Heart Rate / Arrhythmia Alarm:


3-Lead Cable, I, II, III

5-Lead Cable, I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF or V

10-Lead Cable, I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF or V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6

(Display View:  All 12-Lead ECG waves display simultaneously)

Lead Fault:  “Lead Fault” message and dashed line display if an electrode or lead wire becomes disconnected

30 to 300bpm (±3bpm)

5, 10, 20mm/mV and Auto-gain

Heart Rate/Arrhythmia Alarm: Hr, Asystole, VF, VT

Noninvasive Pacing:





Waveform:  Monophasic Truncated Exponential

Mode:  Demand and Fixed Mode

Amplitude Accuracy:  0 ~ 200mA (± 5mA)

20ms (± 1.5%)

Pulse Width:  20ms (± 1.5%)

Pulse Rate: 30 ~ 180ppm (± 1.5%)

Refractory Period:  340msec (30 to 80ppm), 240msec (90 to 180ppm)

SPO2 Pulse Oximetry:

Saturation: 70 ~100% (±3digits)

Pulse Rate: 20 ~250bpm (±3bpm)

Perfusion:  0.2%

Module Manufacturer:  Nellcor

SPO2 Alarm:  Less than Minimum setting rate

Over than Maximum setting rate

Data Storage:

External Memory Card:  SD Card (ECG data, Event, Voice)

Standard Accessories:

  • External Paddles
  • Pads – 1 set adult
  • Pads Adapter
  • 3 or 12 Lead ECG Cable
  • Smart Card & Reader
  • SP02 Finger Probe with extension cable – Adult
  • 1 x pack of disposable electrodes
  • 1 x roll of printing paper
  • Battery Pack
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual

Optional Accessories

  • 5 Lead ECG Cable
  • 10 Lead ECG Cable
  • Bed  Hanger
  • Pacer and SPO2 Module
  • Car Cigar Lighter Jack
  • SPO2 Finger Probe (Standard adult probe with VH1, VH2 and VH3 Model)
  • SPO2 Extension Cable (Standard Adult with VH1, VH2 and VH3 Model)



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